We are selling our apple processing line, which contains the following equipment:

  • Kreuzmayr KEB 750 Belt Press – 208V 3 Phase 60Hz
  • Kreuzmayr KWEM 3000 Elevator and Grinder – 208V 3 Phase 60Hz
  • Assorted spare parts, including replacement belt
  • AZS Brusher Bin Dumper – 120 V 1Ph
  • Citation SC2015E DXD “High Pressure” Pressure Washer – 120 V 1Ph.

History and Usage of Equipment:
We purchased the press, elevator, and grinder new in 2018 from Juicing Systems in Canada.
The pressure washer was purchased new in 2018 from Citation Equipment.
The bin dumper was purchased new in 2016 from AZS Brusher in Pennsylvania.

The press equipment is low use and in excellent condition. The belt press, elevator, and grinder have less than approximately 225 hours on them.

Our target processing rate is 8 bins per hour, and we typically yield 3.2 – 3.8 gal / bushel.

Asking Price: $85,000

KEB 750

Single belt Press KEB 750. Nominal capacity up to 2400 kg/h (depending on fruits & operating condition)

Yield up to 75%.

Belt width/length: 750mm/approx. 8000mm

Working width/high: 688mm/0-50mm continuously

Belt speed continuously variable 1,0-5,2m/min

Electrical supply:

Drive motor 0,75kW

Washing motor: 0,18kW

Water consumption for belt cleaning: Approx. 3 l/operating minute

Weight approx. 1100 kg

Dimensions: (lxwxh) 2610x1450x1642mm without high-pressure cleaner and without compressor

KWEM 3000 Elevator and Grinder

Whirlpool-washer KWEM 3000 with conveyor and mill

The integrated air blower effects intensive cleaning of the fruit.

Capacity up to 3000kg/h

Circulating pump for water basin integrated

Synthetic belt elevator with variable speed drive

Dimensions: (lxwxh) 3790x1020x2820mm

weight 575 kg

Water basin filling height approx. 1000mm

Pulp delivery height 1670mm

Elevator motor 0,37kW

Fruit crusher motor 3,0kW

Blower 0,85kW

Water circulating pump 1,5kW

Switch cabinet built-on

Wastewater connection diameter: 75mm