Our Mission

Our goal is to help solve the environmental challenges that we all currently face. 

But we are a small company.  We’re punching above our weight.  We have to be creative.

We happen to also make great ciders and beers and have a welcoming taproom – so we are using those traits to build communities that promote awareness of our environmental issues and produce noticeable positive impacts.

Small changes in direction can lead to very different results. 

Our Taproom

We’re a little off the beaten-path, and we like it that way.

We aren’t just a taproom.  We are a place where people come together to share old stories and create new ones and to have important conversations over our carefully crafted microbrews.

Between the taproom and the brewery is our community space, which is available to reserve every day of the week. The space is always free for non-profit organizations, and it’s free for everyone else except on Fri and Sat nights.  We have a variety of workshops, classes, and group meetings every month in our community space. Head to our FAQs to get additional information and to our reservation form to reserve the room.


1400 Delaware Ave

Lexington, KY 40505


M – W: 4  – 10

Th: 4  – 11

F: 4  – 12

Sa: 12 – 12

Su: 12 – 10