Private Event FAQs

Is there a fee or deposit required to rent the space?
There is currently no fee or deposit required to rent the space. However, we do require a minimum beverage tab of $250 for events held on Fridays and Saturdays.
Can I bring in outside alcohol?
No. The state of Kentucky does not allow outside alcoholic beverages of any kind to be served or consumed on the premises of a brewery. We will be forced to ask your group to leave immediately if you are found with outside alcoholic beverages.
Can I bring in outside food/catering?
We do allow food to be catered or brought in for events. We encourage guests to patronize the food trucks available when possible or to use one of our recommended vendors.
Who would you recommend for rentals, catering, etc?
Please click here to find a list of our preferred caterers, linen vendors, planners, and more.
How should we handle drink purchases?
Most parties allow their guests to individually purchase drinks from the bar. We are also happy to accommodate open tabs, drink tickets, bar maximums, or any other set-up you would prefer. Also, feel free to inquire about our cider wagon for a more private event.
Are there any decoration restrictions?
We do not allow candles or flames of any kind. Do not use attachments that will create punctures, rips, residue, or marks on any surface.
How many people can fit in the space?
The event room can accommodate 35 seated guests or 49 standing guests.
Can we have people at the event who are underage?
We do allow underage guests in the brewery. However, we do not condone underage drinking of any kind and reserve the right to expel anyone who is drinking underage or any party who is allowing underage drinking to take place.
Do you allow dogs?
Yes. We do allow dogs on a leash inside of the taproom and event space.
Can we use the speakers and/or projector?
The speakers and projector are available for your use. Both require a laptop or smartphone to play your selections. The projector requires an HDMI connection to stream from a personal laptop. We are also able to play regular television programming through the projector and speakers.
What should I tip?
The amount you choose to tip your bartender is completely at your discretion. The average amount that we see is 15-20% of the final event tab.